Dear Ex's

Things I never told you that made my spirits soar and I still get pleasure thinking about.

When you got kicked out of home and you just got on with life.

Even though you were chronically shy I loved how you were braver than most in standing in front of your students.

After our beautiful one night stand in Zurich you held my hands, looked into my eyes and said "In life you must be strong, you must be sooo strong"

You never knew that some nights, as you slept, I rested my head on you breast and listened to your heartbeat whilst drinking in your exhaling breath.

How when the breastfeeding wasn't going well you never gave up.

The day we were walking in the park and someone had shit on the slide and you cleaned it off before a little kid landed in it.

After we broke up how you knocked on my door at midnight and said you'd made a big mistake and we held each other tight as Against all Odds played on the radio.

The night after the abortion when we held each other tight as the breeze played with the curtains.