Us Poets, always writing about love
He sleeps with her knickers
When she's not there
She wears his unwashed T shirt when he is far away
How the sun shines through her hair
As she lies beside the lake
Her touch, her smell, her voice
One thousand I love you's are just...
One thousand I love you's

To fall in love with love,
Always about us, insert the me
What I want, what I feel, what I get
And we call that love

You want to know what love is?

Watch a father taking his son with cerebral palsy for a swim
When everyone at the pool
Sneaks pitying glances at your child

How he takes him to the part of the pool with the handrails
And takes ten minutes just to get him out of his wheelchair and into the pool
How he cradles his son in his arms and let's him splash about
Gently supporting his head to keep it above the water
How your sons expression never changes
Do know what he feels or even if he loves you?
Or notices you

And you do that day in and day out
Month after month
Year after year
Never knowing.
Except you know
You know.
Nothing in return,
No recognition,
you give and give and give.
You are love.


You soar above us mortals
You create life
You sustain life
You ask for and get nothing
But you keep giving and giving
You know love
You are love
you love completely