Stewie's colostomy bag broke in the taxi last week
The beautiful human being driving the cab cleans him up
And takes him to Target for some new clothes

A homeless man in England offers his last few pounds
To a woman in a bad part of town that has lost her purse
And has no way home

Hunter is taking leave without pay to go to Italy
He and his wife will try one last time to reconcile
Because neither of them are quitters
Three children cross their fingers

A lady in America goes into a department store in a poor town
And pays off everyone's layby.

I pour two glasses of chocolate milk for my daughters
Gabbie greedily swallows hers in seconds
And demands more
Her big sister pours half of her glass into hers.

A lady on Princess Bridge stops to buy the big issue
From a man in a wheelchair
They talk and laugh for 5 minutes
He has the most beautiful smile

These are my Christmas presents